Tuesday, April 21, 2009

x-alps fundraiser for May long weekend

Besides training and working, we are working on a fundraiser for our x-alps project.

The x-alps will cost us $20.000.00 plus for airline tickets, renting a support vehicle, equipment (such as wing, harness, reserve chute, mountaineering equipment, energy food and drinks) and travel expenses.

Frank Kernick (former supporter) is holding a fundraiser x-country competition and party with a live band at his house at Lakeview Meadows for pilots, friends and everyone who knows or is interested in the Max & Penny x-Alps adventure.

The x-country funding competition will be on the May long weekend (May 16th to 18th) starting with a pilot meet at 9:00 am at Frank's house.
Party with live band, silent and live auction is Saturday evening May 16th.

If you have any services or products to donate, let us know.

Here is what we will do for your donation:

Also mark your calendar to come to the party or even confirm at our Facebook page and feel free to pass on this information to anyone who might like to join us.

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