Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun with the kids - heading to the Dolomite's

Already September??? Man, time is just flying by here.

August was great and we had a ton of fun. Right after the event we spend a lot off time at the beach and in the air. I did a ton of tandems with the kids and friends. Flying x-country is fun, but very cool is if your own kids want to share your hobby with you.

End of August we headed up to the "Nation Lakes" (3 hours North of Fort St. James). We did a 9 day kayak and canoe paddle with the whole family and the Kubian's (Rick, Ange, Micheal and Adam). This was a true adventure to travel only by Canoe and Kayak over 130 km and not to see anyone.
Follow this link to see pictures, be warned there are a lot of pictures and they might get boring for you.

After we got back, the weather was not the best for flying so I started with my training to loose some of the accumulated weight. This involves about 4-5 Mt. Swansea hikes per week with and without gear and with yoga sessions. All feels good and it is amazing how fast you can get back into shape again.

Today we (Penny and I) had a intro to kite surfing at Cochrane. Pretty good fun and we love it. We think we are going to start this winter on the lake.

Another reason why we are in Calgary is that I am heading to Germany tomorrow evening. First we planned to go with the kids, but now with Katia going to school (yes grade 1) I ended up going myself. I will meet up with 4 other Canadians to visit the "Free Flight" expo at Tegelberg and after this we are heading down to the Dolomite's with This will be a bit hectic as I will have to keep on working during the evening hours with my daytime job for

I will keep you posted during the trip.