About us

Max Fanderl

Born and raised in Kempten Allgaeu (Germany - Bavaria) and immigrated to Canada in 1992. Max has been involved in Paragliding since 1987 and started Hang Gliding in  1989. Max worked as a Paragliding instructor and test pilot for various Paragliding manufactures and the DAeC in Germany.

He also fly's Single Engine Aircraft's since 1999, Sailplane's since 2000 and is a Ultralight Flight Instructor since 2003. Besides flying, hiking, skiing and chassing adventures with his family, Max is working as a Internet Marketing/Development and Business Consultant and is the founder and COO of www.Appointment.com.

Contact Max at max@flyingMax.com

Penny Powers

(Certified Can-Fit-Pro PTS and NWS),
born in South Africa, lived forever in Banff traveled all over the world and now settled in the Columbia Valley. Penny has always been involved in sports, works out every day at the gym, is a tennis pro, marathon runner, white water rafting guide, aerobic trainer, skydiver, Paraglider Pilot, Hot Babe, triathalete, skier any kind.

Besides all theses activities, she still manages to be a amazing mom, runs ColumbiaRiverOutfitters.com and does works as a personal trainer, nutritionist and wellness consultant.

Contact Penny at penny@flyingMax.com