Monday, February 3, 2014

Are you still flying in he winter?

Are you still flying in he winter?
This is what I get asked every year, specially when it gets very cold.
I still hike up Mt. Swansea and do the odd flight in the winter, but most of the time we head up to Panorama and fly at the ski hill.
Panorama Resort is very good to us and they (and their guests) enjoy watching us playing in the sky.

At Christmas day Penny and I landed at the day-lodge with a good crowed of kids and adults while we landed as an Elf and Santa Claus, which was a lot of fun. (click here for more pictures)

Over the holidays, we had very good conditions and we could even ridge soar.
Our New Years flight was fantastic and I really enjoyed the footage and the picture Penny took when I flew with the Canadian flag.

We had several more flights since new years with a lot of other local and out of town flying buddies. If you have no plans for the next couple of weeks, consider to come for a ski & fly at Panorama. More information is at my website at 

P.s. if you have not heard about it yet, we will have our annual Panorama flying meet (usually during Easter) March 28, 29 and 30, if you have time, come and have fun with us.

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