Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012 Easter Meet at Panorama

Sunny and hot.
The weather was just awesome and sunscreen was needed every day.

Thanks again for everyone who came out and was there to make this such a fun weekend with flying, skiing, hanging out in the sun, "Tray" racing and boat racing.

Penny Powers took home the trophy this year and she is the first female on the trophy. Well done Penny.
The kids were not so happy with me as I did not land in the target with them tandem on our first flights.

Thanks also to everyone who dressed up, and came with their costumes. Karen had the best costume and I forgot the name of the character who she was....again, see in the pictures below who she was.

If anyone has some pictures they would like to share, please send them to me or contact me to give you access to this album.

Thanks to
Panorama Mountain Resort, Calin Comaneseu, Rick Cowley, Jason Chychal, Raul Sanchez, Brett Yeates, Dennie Shipley, Dannie Wolf, Sandor & Nikoletta, Stew Cabbledick, Andy Gamp, Dominic Hughes, Dave & Carrie Corbin, Janet Morris, Bob & Natalie Gardner, Karen Girouard, Chad Chudyk & Mary, Nathan Livingston, Mike Waddington and Sherie Kark, Chris and Kari Wilson, Frank & Tracye, Jeff Grieve, Jimmy, Max & Penny, all who helped
raise $800 for our buddy Stewart Midwinter.

Happy landings.

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