Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To cold to train on the mountain

The last 10 days it got really cold. The temperature dropped down to -37 Celsius on the mountain (about -27 in the valley). The kids where still gung ho to go skiing last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This cold keeps me down in the valley training in the gym and on the stairs (with backpack and sometimes with ski boots). Penny put me a new program in the gym. The exercis she gives me looks way better on her then me, but hey, what ever works will be done.

The cold temperatures and early evenings has also given me some time to work on the flying/hiking route. I am inserting notes into maps that I received from the Nova Pilots the last couple weeks. The Nova Pilots support is a huge value and I am looking forward meeting most of them next summer.

We are also looking for ways to raise money and possibly get some more sponsorships. Based on our estimates, we will face a cost of about $25.000 for the race and the preparations. So far we have established some great sponsorship in products and services.

Once we receive the products and services, we will write why we have choosen the sponsor and what benefits we see with it.
The first sponosr I would to thank and talk about is I will get a light Triton 24 for a reduced cost (unless we end up int he top 10, then it will be for free). It is not just the wing that makes this sponsorship so valuable. It is the people, their attitude, passion and willingnes to share their knowldege. The Nova pilot team is a huge value, as I have previously mentioned, in helping me plan a detailed route of the race. Local knowledge and connections are the most critical part of the race and with the help of the best x-country pilots in the alps, I could not have any better sponsor.
This help from Nova does not end here. Team leader, Till Gottbrath, who has arranged my communication with the Nova pilots, is also connecting us with other sponsors. For now, we will receive high end sports clothing from CRAFT, and reduced pricing with Hanwag shoes and the weather support from

The harness and reserve we will get sponsored by Finsterwalder & Charly.
Superfeet will sponsor us with insoles.
MBT shoes will supply us with some special shoes, which assist in core-strength building as well as many more benefits. Urs Loetscher used these shoes in the alst 2 races. I will write about this in the next blog.
Frank Kernick, with Spring Creek Mountain Village (Supporter from 2007 and who got me into this) will sponsor the pre-race. The pre-race will happen mid June for 3 weeks where we drive up the main route and fly into some areas with a motor paraglider (we get the motor from Nava).
There is also my wife Penny Powers with her business as a personal Trainer and Columbia River Outfitters and my company

Right now it is -30 Celsius outside. To keep us warm we are practising our disco moves.
Check it out at

Seasons Greetings and all the best and health for 2009

Max, Penny, Katia and Erik

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