Saturday, August 23, 2008

August already ...

This is hard to believe. It is already getting to the end of August. This summer went by so fast despite the rather cold summer we had. Overall the season started late and we only had a couple of days with good flying conditions. Most of the time I was extremely busy with work. One was to compete in "New Venture BC" and by moving from "Product & Development" into sales and marketing with . Penny and the kids are healthy and in real good spirits. We had a lot of fun in June with my parents visiting us from Germany which allowed us to sneak out for some good flights. Since beginning July we have Bea (Nanny from Germany) to help us with the kids as Penny is very busy with and personal training courses.
My training is coming along well. I do a lot of hiking and most of the times I do hike up Mt.Swansea with my gear. Some days I even take my Bike and the Paraglider to bike to Mt.Swansea and then hiking to te summit. Most of the flights I have done where short from 1-2 hours and all of them where out-returns.
Our was amazing again and we had 55 pilots competing. Penny placed 2nd. Well done Penny.
One flight I like to mention was just a week ago with my old flying buddy Ron Ford. The launch was going direct into the start of thermals and climbing out was not as easy as it seamed. Once we got above the mountains we could get up to plus 4000m right to cloud-base. It was just fantastic to look across the valley into the Bugaboo Glacier. At the same time we could look down to Diana Lake. It just felt like the good old times. Well I flew my 10 year old Bagheera from Apco as I sold my Sigma6 a month ago. But it was good to see the x-alps Nova Mentor (this is what Ron is flying now) flying with me. I had a hard time following him but I could eventually catch up. The flight ended at my house (50 km later) and all we really needed where 4 thermals to do so.
Anyhow, this is just a update of this blog and I will try to get our for another great hike and x-country flight later today.

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