Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 route released

I had the pleasure to be in Salzburg at Hangar 7 for the 2013 official route release.
Wow, 1031 km as the crow flies and going across a lot of very high alpine terrain. No doubt that this year will be for sure a big challenge and I am sure a very interesting race.

Start: Salzburg
1. Gaisberg 1,287m
2. Dachstein 2,995m
3. Wildkogel, 2,224m
4. Zugspitze / Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2,962m
5. Ortler / Sulden 1,906m
6. Interlaken 568m
7. Matterhorn 4,478m
8. Mont Blanc 4,810m
9. Saint Hilaire 995m
10. Peille 600m
Finish: Monaco

Thanks again to Hannes and Flo to put on this amazing day.

Here is a video from Mik about of Hangar 7 and the DC6 flight.

Red Bull Douglas DC-6B flight from Mik Broschart on Vimeo.

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