Friday, January 23, 2009

January training update with Panorama flight video

10 days ago we had 2 days of rain, which resulted in icing over of the x-country ski tracks on the lake. A positive side of this is that it forced me to mix up my training a little, and do some skating. The skating loop is 15 km and is also a good workout.
At the same time, I am spending more time in the gym and in the swimming pool. Penny has created 2 new programs (legs and upper body) for me, which I thought I am doing fine with it. A couple days ago she came to the gym with me just to make sure all was on track and that I was doing the exercises correctly. Well I was doing the exercises, but not the "Penny Powers" way. With her corrections.....Boy could I ever feel it the next day. I did not even know I had these muscles. Anyhow it is quite amazing to see how muscle memory works. Just before December I hiked 20,000 meter in elevation in 6 weeks, with no problems, and no pain, and then Penny gives me a leg and lower body workout which hurt the next day. You can see it is important to switch your routine on an ongoing basis.

Some people have been asking me if I am sacrificing my young family (Erik is 2.5 years and Katia 4.5 years old) with all the training and preparations. Interesting question, which I had never thought about it before, as my life is all about Penny and the kids. I am a very lucky guy and work from home, so I spend a lot of time with these little rascals, plus we include them in all our activities. I do have a write up about Penny and the kids at our presentation script.
The only time the kids are not with us is Thursday afternoon. This is my date day with Penny. There we go skiing or flying without the kids.

Here is a helmet cam video of a flight from summit (cut in half otherwise it is to long)

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